• Hair and Nail Services
    Everybody loves and needs to have clean, well-kept hair and nails. This helps maintain your loved one’s health and self-esteem. We can contact expert hairdressers, barbers, pedicurists, and manicurists to take care of their hair and nails whenever needed.
  • Podiatry Services
    Your loved one’s feet are subject to aches, pains, and injuries as they age. Whether your loved one is dealing with a foot problem or interested in preventing them, they can count on the professional aid of a podiatrist. They provide therapy, pain management, rehabilitation, and patient and caregiver education.
  • Dental Services
    Poor dental health can be hazardous for seniors. When maintaining their dental care services becomes difficult, we can call on a dentist to provide the aid they need. The dentist can assess the condition of their oral health, provide basic cleaning and extraction services, and educate both residents and caregivers on the best ways to practice dental hygiene.